Wasserman powers the business of sports, music and culture. We serve clients with exceptional insight, influence and creativity, while making a positive impact on our industry and each other.

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Our identity is not only derived from what we do, but from whom we serve:

We proudly represent thousands of athletes, broadcasters, coaches and social media influencers around the world - supporting their career, business and brand opportunities on a global scale.

Built on integrity and a relentless pursuit of pushing what's possible for our clients, our robust, expert team provides a full suite of services for the modern athlete - in Golf, Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Global Football (soccer), Action Sports and Olympics - from top deal negotiations through brand development and beyond.

We provide in-house resources across branding, marketing, creative design, licensing, PR and legal. This allows us the flexibility to support our talent throughout every stage of their career: from securing their first contract, to negotiating the largest contract deals in history; and from introducing them to social and lifestyle brands, to providing them with opportunities to be the creators of their own.

We also prepare our talent for career opportunities beyond the field - whether that be broadcasting, coaching, owning product, producing content, or anything else they strive for. With an unmatched history in representing career broadcasters, multimedia journalists, and coaches, we have the relationships and the expertise to maximize our talent's career value. And our commitment to uncovering that value is unparalleled.

For talent interested in maximizing their brand on social, we leverage Laundry Service, our social experts, to support across all earned, owned and paid media. Check out Laundry Service here.

We also utilize Cycle, to support our athletes and social media influencers in creating and distributing original content. Cycle is a global media network made up of the world's top creators, influencers and performers, publishing over 50,000 pieces of original content each month and generating over 3 billion views to date. Check out Cycle here.

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Our Brand clients are constantly faced with ever-changing business challenges, so they look to us for fresh solutions, backed by meticulous insight and robust experience. To us, today's dynamic landscape and evolving consumer behavior is an invitation to identify and leverage unprecedented opportunities for our clients. This is how we always keep ourselves - and most importantly, our clients - at the forefront.

What do we do? We deliver culture-driven engagement, with measurable results. From fashion and music, to sports and entertainment, to celebrity and tech - we create authentic and efficient platforms for Brands to engage with their targeted consumers every day, in every way.

Our focus is on providing our clients with authentic ideas, honest feedback and a united belief in one another - to push what's possible together. We do this through extensive resources, relationships and in-house expertise, all of which provide: 

- Insight-driven strategy
- Innovative activation and execution
- Powerful amplification
- Targeted measurement

To specifically see more of the amazing activations we have created, check out our Experience work here.

For Brands looking to extend their reach within social media across owned, earned and paid media, we align them with Laundry Service - our social experts. Laundry Service provides original content, media buying and influencers all in one place and in real time, allowing for delivery of powerful storytelling and amplification across all social channels.

Our job is to advance our clients' interests, but our goal is to do it in ways that have yet to be done. And since no two clients are alike, our unique approach is developed for each client individually, but delivered with one collective mind.

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Leagues, teams, universities, entertainment studios, broadcast networks, performing arts companies - these are the types of Properties who we create groundbreaking opportunities for through unrivaled research and insight.

With the expertise to understand what drives fans, brands and media to engage with these passion-driven entities, we challenge the Properties we work with to constantly innovate and expand upon their opportunities. And, our diverse staff of creative and analytical minds develops specific strategies, from development through sales, to capitalize on these opportunities effectively.

Whether through the valuation of new platforms (like naming rights deals), digital workshops, flawless activation of major events, or a media rights strategy leveraging today's dynamic landscape, we elevate opportunities for not just the fans, but also the brands and media who come to engage.

If interested in seeing more of the amazing experiences we have created, you can find them here.

We are a highly skilled team of individuals who strive to not only develop innovative solutions to meet our clients' goals, but also to exceed those goals in ways never thought possible. Because only when the comfortable is challenged, can the impossible be achieved.

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